Your health from the sea

Baltrum is good for your health and wellbeing. Since 2016 we are Thalasso partner company.

Thalasso: That's health from the sea. Our location directly on the sea allows the soothing aerosols of the North Sea surf with their mineral richness to travel right into your room. On Baltrum you can expect more extensive offers in the Thalasso area, which will make you return from your holiday stronger and more relaxed.


Thalasso - More than wellness by the sea

Here on Baltrum the unique natural landscape of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea offers you the famous North Sea healing climate.

The wide landscape, the particularly allergenarme air, the rhythm of the tides and the surf of the North Sea have a liberating and calming effect on body and mind.

Medical studies prove that seawater, sea salt, algae, silt and the stimulating climate of the sea sustainably strengthen your health.

1) Seawater

Whether cold or warm bathing in seawater, inhalations, drinking cures or scrubs: The mineralizing, anti-inflammatory and invigorating effect of seawater promotes regeneration and healing. It is a localized remedy that is freshly made for Thalasso treatments.

2) Sea salt

Pure sea salt is used in the Thalasso applications for scrubs and soles. So a peeling with sea salt ensures that dandruff dissolves and the skin becomes smooth.

3) Seaweed

Algae are rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. They are used as an integral part in packs, baths and envelopes. The skin is better supplied with blood and the body detoxifies.

4) Maritime aerosol

When the sea breeze blows strongly, there is a great deal of maritime aerosol in the air: above the open sea and in the surf zone, the fine sea water droplets are whirled by the wind into the air when the waves break. These are then inhaled and alleviate especially respiratory diseases.

5) Marine silt

Mud baths are used, among other things, to treat musculoskeletal disorders. Direct application of the heated silt to the skin achieves optimum heat transfer. It moisturizes, has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves itching, for example for skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis.

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